Website Design:

  • How do I order a website?

    Choose one of the website templates and then following the simple step-by-step procedure.

  • Do I have to come to your office to get a website?

    No. You just fill in the order form by using the simple step-by-step procedure and this will provide us with all the information we need to complete your website.

  • How long does it take to have the website ready?

    After we have received full payment and all information, an Independent template will take 5-7 days and an Agency template 10-15 working days from design approval.

  • How long will it be before my website is up on the Internet?

    As soon as the website is completed and approved, we will make it live.

  • How do I pay for the website?

    You can pay by cash, cheque or postal order. However the quickest way to have the website ready is to pay direct in to our bank account.

  • I don't want your links at the bottom of the website?

    We are able to provide our template packages at such a low price because we place our links on our templates. However, if you wish to remove our links from the bottom of the template, there will be an additional charge of £200.

  • Can I have an original website that is designed only for me? Or are only the templates available?

    Yes, we can provide custom-built websites, which are priced according to the work involved.

  • Will I be able to see my site before it gets published to the Internet?

    Yes, we will send you a link to approve it before it goes live.

  • Is there a fee every time I need to change or update my website?

    We charge £30 per hour for any changes you wish to make to your website. Alternatively you can sign up to our Webmaster Service and have unlimited changes to your website (not including design changes). Please click here for details.

  • Are there any limitations in regards to the text?

    It is your website and you can put on it whatever you like but experience tells us that by excluding explicit language you will benefit your business.

  • Will I be able to give input while my site is being built?

    You can give us any specific information when you are filling in the form in the section 'message to the webmaster' you can also give us further feedback while the website is being completed.

  • Will I own the website once it is complete?

    Our £99 website template is a plain HTML site and you can take it away with you when it is complete. Our £599 Agency CMS website templates sit on our server and share space with other Agencies. Therefore we do not provide codes or FTP details for our CMS websites.

  • Will I be able to have ftp details/codes for my CMS website once it is complete?

    No, our £599 Agency CMS website templates sit on our server and share space with other Agencies. Therefore we do not provide codes or FTP details for our CMS websites.

  • Can other people help me with updating my website?

    Yes, you can choose any web developer you wish. However, we do not provide codes or FTP details for our CMS websites. If you would like us to update your website, we have our Webmaster Service - please see here for details.

  • When can I update my content?

    Anytime you wish but if you want to use our service we ask you to allow a week before you see the update.

  • Can I get e-mail with my website?

    You can have unlimited e-mail accounts (POP3).

  • Can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

    Yes, our web hosting includes two different types of website statistics and analysis. You can enable them by logging into your web hosting control panel.

  • Can I add pages to my Independent website myself with your web content management system?

    No, the Independent templates are not CMS packages, if you require these facilities please contact us for further details.

  • Can I add various files on my website?

    Yes, any file that is recognised by common browsers like Internet Explorer can be used on your website.

  • Can I change my website design template?

    Yes, but only minor changes are allowed, like colour.

  • Can I have more than one template?

    You can have as many templates as you wish; the cost will remain the same per template.

  • Can I get help in my website promotion?

    Yes, please visit Internet Marketing

  • How many pictures can I place on my website?

    You can place as many pictures as you wish but we do not recommend you more than 10 as genuine clients do not need to see more than this before they book you.

  • Can I have flash-animated content?

    Yes, but our basic template does not include it. If you require flash-animated content on your website please contact us for further details.

  • Can I take orders from my website?

    You will have a contact page on should read your website but if you require a specific form where people can fill in their details (like time and other) we provide that for one-off fee of £50.

  • Will I be able to receive on-line payments?

    No, because your website is considered as an adult website and credit card authorities do not allow this facility for any adult website.

  • Can I have a member-only section protected by password?

    Yes you can. Please contact us for further details.

  • Will I get my own domain name?

    Yes, that is included in the price, as long as the domain name is available.

  • Can I change my domain name later?

    You can but additional costs will depend on the domain extension (for example .com, .co.uk) plus a minimum of 1 hour of work depending on the files on your website.

  • Will you airbrush my photos?

    No, because it is a time-consuming and it will cost you too much to come to us for this, we suggest you ask your photographer to order the air brushing before you send us your pictures.

  • Can I have a message forum on my site?

    No, we do not do message boards because of the legal implications.

  • Can I put music/video on my site?

    Yes but they are limited to a band width of 1000 Mb with the package that we provide, if you require more you can use one of our other packages, pleaseclick here.

  • How do I stop people from stealing my images?

    The best way to protect your pictures is to watermark them, although this will not guarantee that your pictures cannot be taken from your site. We will however right-click protect the text and images on your website.

  • In what format should I supply words and photographs for my new website?

    You can send us pictures in any high-resolution format; we will resize it to fit your pages and your photo album. Text is best to be sent in a word document or e-mail.

Web Hosting:

  • What is Web Hosting?

    Web Hosting is when your Internet pages are held by web hosting company enabling them to be displayed on the Internet.

  • When I buy a website can I have my own host?

    Can I change my host after?A.: Yes, you can change it yourself or ask a third party to change it for you, if you wish us to do this our standard rates of £30 per hour apply.

  • Much does the hosting cost after the one-year free period?

    Our packages start at £50 depending upon your type of website - please click here for details.

  • What is web space?

    It is the space allocated to your web pages by your web hosting company, the unit is MB.

  • Can I buy an additional web space?

    Yes, you can but we have yet to come across an escort that requires more than we provide within our packages, for our other packages please click here for details.

  • What does the data transfer mean?

    Data transfer is the traffic- the amount of data that can be transferred over any network. This is usually measured in bps or in higher units Mbps.

  • Do you guarantee that my site will always be available?

    We use third party web hosting who guarantee a 99% uptime.

Internet Marketing:

Search Engine Optimisation:

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings, and could be considered a subset of search engine marketing.

  • Is SEO for me?

    Yes, if you want to rank higher than your competitors. No, if you don't need to make money from your website.

  • Will my website be listed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo?

    Yes, your website will be picked up and indexed by search engines as long as you have at least 1 external link from it that has also been indexed by a search engine. However, if you want to choose particular keywords for your website your website will need search engine optimisation - please see our plans for details .

  • Do you offer any guarantees on your search engine optimisation services?

    No, and beware of anyone who claims they can guarantee your position on search engines ranking. Google and other search engines have their own individual algorithms of which we have no control over.

  • How quickly will I see results?

    Our estimated time to achieve first page rankings:Google: 2-6 months, MSN: 1-2 months, Yahoo: 2-4 months.

Banner Exchange programme:

  • What is 'banner exchange programme'?

    Banner exchange programme is a reciprocal banner exchange with other websites to increase traffic to your website.

  • How many banners can I put on my website?

    There is no limit and we recommend that you put as many banners as you can.

  • Can I only place static banners?

    No, you can put any form of animated banner that you wish.

One Way Links Programme:

  • What is a 'one way links programme'?

    The One Way Links programme is where we obtain a link to your website from various online directories. Your website will not link back to these directories.

  • Why are one way links good for my website?

    One Way Links will bring traffic to you without taking traffic away from your website. They also improve your Google ranking if you are optimising your website.

  • Are these links permanent?

    The placement of these links is permanent but be advised that there can be 5-10% drop-off per year.

  • How many can I buy in one month?

    There is a maximum 20,000 links per project per month

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